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November 07, 2009

November 2009 Artists

The store is open and things are running great! The sewing machine's a hummin, new customers are stopping in every day and we're gearing up for the holiday season. For the month of November, here's a list of who's in the store.

Carole Sussman of Wooly Parrot
Nick Elledge, glassblower
Zena McCoy of Semilla Designs
Heather Hansen Brynn of Solstice Stones
Wendy Van de Sompele, poi maker
Karen Carston of Vashon Supply Co.
AnnaLisa LaFayette, owner and crafter
Eric Hoogan, AKA Epic ONE
John Anderson, photographer
Jeff Brownell, fine artist and woodworker
Adrian Kuhn of Madrona Island Clothing Co.
Marjan McDermott, painter and upcycler
Larissa DeRuyter, artist
Matthew Himmelspach, artist
Fonna Dubois of Designed by Fonna
Eva Anderson of Elan by Eva
Kellie Becker, fine artist
Isaiah Heyer, glassblower
Colin Brynn, photographer
Maggie Smith of Maggiesville

Gabriel Blake, Zen Girl Clothing, Otra Vez Designs, Arielle Caputo, Slide Sideways, Jenna Waldman, Shirah Coleman, London Kreautler and more!

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