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May 23, 2011

Consignment Artist Information and Guidelines

Consignment Artist Information and Guidelines

In October 2009, Good Merchandise was opened by artist and resident AnnaLisa LaFayette. This unique art and retail boutique is located in the heart of downtown Vashon Island. The store address is:
17601 ½ Vashon Hwy SW
Vashon, WA 98070

We are located at the intersection of Vashon Hwy SW and Bank Rd., between the Liquor Store and the Hardware Store Restaurant. The store hours vary depending on the season, with the general store hours from 11am-5pm, Thursday through Monday.

Good Merchandise is a 100% locally-crafted art experience! All of the works are from artists who create original, quality, handmade goods. Items include photography, jewelry, baby items, fiber arts, bath and body products, candles, accessories, pottery, cards and more. There are currently over 100 artists represented and we are always looking for more!

Benefits of consigning at Good Merchandise include:
placement in the most prominent intersection of Vashon Island
networking and collaboration with other artists
announcements and recommendations to other opportunities
advertising and marketing

If you would like for your work to be considered, please send an email with a description, link, and any images of your art to:

You can expect to be contacted within a week of your submission, although new work is not always needed in a specific medium and response times may vary. You can also follow up on your submission by calling the owner directly:
AnnaLisa LaFayette, 206-769-8627

Consignment Artists

Artists who are interested in selling their works at Good Merchandise are welcome without any additional commitment to the store’s operations. Our consignment artists receive 60% commission on sold works. The artist determines the price on all works. Good Merchandise does not modify the pricing or provide discounts on the commission due to the artist.

We have success with items priced in all ranges, with all of our items priced competitively and reasonably by the artist. Our most popular price range has been $20-60 for most items. We are happy to sell items from $1-500, with the majority of our sales occurring at $100 or under. When pricing­­ for Good Merchandise, we suggest considering the following:
1.    The amount of time was put into the item or the set
2.    The total cost of supplies, equipment and/or fees to produce the item
3.    The uniqueness of the item
4.    The competitive price in the industry you sell in
We discourage different pricing for items in-store if you sell them independently or at other stores. Most professional artists maintain a consistent retail and wholesale price regardless of the location or method of sale (different store, Etsy account, craft fair, etc.).

                          Admittance Process and Requirements       

Upon acceptance, artists are required to:
-review and sign the artist contract
-provide an inventory list for all items submitted
-label any items to be sold with the price and your name/title
-send, in writing, any specific requests or instructions for purchases
-transport or ship items to and from the store
-email a biography, photos and any promotional information for discussion of your works in-store and online

If you would like your items to be tracked based on style, design, or inventory number, please include the information on the inventory and on each item. This will help us track your sales accurately. Items not given a specific number or title will be described to the best of our ability.

Storage and Shipping Policy

There is limited storage for items at Good Merchandise. Before sending inventory, please make sure there is space to store any overstock if you would like to send a larger number of items at one time.  It is the responsibility of the artist to ship items to and from the store. Items should always be shipped in protective packaging. All merchandise must be sent to the mailing address listed below. We are unable to accept mail at our location unless it is UPS/FedEx. Please send your items to:

Good Merchandise
PO Box 1335
Vashon, WA 98070

Payments and Inventory
Payment on all sold inventory totaling over $20 will be sent by the 20th of the month for sales made in the preceding month (check sent in August for July sales). All sold inventory for the month not totaling over $20 will be carried over month-by-month until the total is over $20 or the artist requests payment. Payments are sent directly from the bank and do not include a sold inventory.

Artists are welcome to check on their inventory at any time. Good Merchandise does not submit monthly sold inventory reports to the artist unless it is requested. While we encourage seasonal inventory updates, please be sure to schedule an appointment and send notifications of new available items you would like to sell here.


-AnnaLisa and the Good Merchandise Crew

May 01, 2011

Over 100 Artists!

We've made it a year at our new location and we couldn't have done it without so many amazing, talented artists from the Puget Sound region. Here's our updated list of in-store artists. 
Abraham McBride
Adria Pontious
Alexandria Sandlin
Alisa Wagner Poage
Alison Bucklin
Alison Kennedy Taylor
Amiee Yelinek
Andie Styner
Andrew Trujillo-Russel
AnnaLisa LaFayette
Anne Gordon
Anne Iszler
Annie Russell
Ben McQuillin
Beth Lisa Goss
Beth Reiter
Brett Matthewson
C & P Designs
Callen Lewis
Carole Sussman
Chatauqua Elementary
Cheryl Nicholas
Christine Azula
Claire Jauregui
Colin Brynn
David Cleeton
David Cole
David Earle
Debbie Granner
Don Lester
Dona Bradley
Douglas Mesney
Drusilla Pratt
Emily Gripp
Emily Wigley
Enoch Tobin
Erin Wheeler
Eva Anderson
Fern Clifford
Fiddle Home Farm
Gabriel Blake
Gabriel Smith
Gail Larcom
George Kurzman
Heather Hansen-Brynn
Heidi Stair
Holly Davis
Ingrid Rowe
Isaiah Heyer
Jacob Little
Janis McWhirter
Jenika Shipley
Jessica Hamilton
Jessica Salazar
Joanne Kirby
John Anderson
Joshua Manwaring
Jude Spaith
Julie King
Karen Carston
Karen Norbeck
Kathy Webster
Kelly Jones
Leigh Huggins
Lisa Baker
Lyndee LeBeau
Maggie Louden
Maggie Smith
Malia Lysen
Marek Little
Marjon McDermott
Matthew Himmelespach
Matthew Porter
Melissa Brynn
Melissa Mabrey
Mollie Moisan
Nancy Carr
Nicole Turchik
Peter Ray
Phyllis Clark
Raymond Martinez
Robert Teagardin
Rod Smith
Rose Belschner
Ruben Arnot
Sandra Cooper
Sandy Herrera
Sarah Musi
Sheree Tomoson
Silvio Gripman
Simone Barry
Sister Sage Herbs
Slide Sideways
Sophia de Groen
Stacy Swanby
Starr Niego
Steve Fadness
Sue Stinson
Sue Weston
Susan Moffett
Susana Tam
Susannah Fitz
Tag Gornall
Tina Witherspoon
Tomoko Uno
Two Obsessed Jewelry
Valerie Lulu Roberts
Wendy Jo Weston
Wendy Nickolay
Wendy Van de Sompele
William Champion
Zena McCoy
Zhaleh Khoshkhoo
Zoe Adberg