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July 07, 2010


SUMMER IS HERE! Come spend the day on Vashon Island sometime over the next few months and stop on in! We are open seven days a week by noon. Please email or call for appointments and to guarantee I am at the shop if you need to speak with me directly.

As ALWAYS mentioned, we're accepting new artists from within 50 miles of the island. Spread the word or get on board! We have over 80 artists represented at the shop and we still have room for more.

Alterations are in full swing. Call for a quote or drop by with your items and we can take a peek at what you need done. Currently we're working on a custom denim jacket modification, a stuffed bear and an awesome coat applique! When summer comes to an end, we will change gears for costume orders for Halloween and other holiday events. Burning Man, summer festivals and parties are always a great place to wear an amazing work of art on your body so come on in and lets talk costumes for the summer and brainstorm for the fall!

We're looking for artists to show for the August First Friday Gallery Cruise at the Red Bicycle Bistro. We show regional two-dimensional artists on a monthly basis. Give me a call or send an email for more information. This month we're happy to show artists Erin Wheeler and Alexandria Sandlin. 

Vashon Craft! is happening on Sunday evenings from 4-close. RSVP required. Come see new works, get ideas or get something created!

July 10th: Adrienne Antonson @ Souvenir in Ballard from 7pm to close. Go check out her rad insects constructed of hair. Very crafty! Her works will be there until August 8th.

July 10th and 11th: Urban Craft Uprising at the Seattle Center in Seattle. Tomonster and several other artists who have items in GM will be in attendance. Go get your craft on!

July 17th and 18th: Strawberry Festival is quickly approaching! We will be open during the festival and will have our own reserved seating for the parade on a first come first serve basis for our island artists. Show up before the parade begins on Saturday and have a seat with your fellow artisans. Also, be sure to check out artists in Ober Park, which will exclusively feature artists from Vashon Island. 

July 30th, 31st and August 1st: 2nd Annual Vashon Island Music Festival, produced by Rez One Productions. Ruben, owner of Rez One, has some glass art in our store and we're happy to support this island event! This year the event will be held at Paradise Ridge Park, on the westside of the island.

August 6th: First Friday Gallery Cruise for August is from 5-10pm. Check out our artists and see some fabulous works around town.

August 13th, 14th and 15th: Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs in Seattle. This event is surely one of the best I've ever seen for artist support. Details about the event, speakers and workshops at Andrea Porter from Matthew Porter Art (who is a GM artist) has helped pull this event together and will be in attendance. 

August 23rd: Shameless self-promotion, it's my birthday. I'll be 26!!!

August 28th: Sounds on the Sound at Lisabeula Park. This event is also produced by Rez One Productions with support from the Vashon Park District.

And over at Books by the Way, Jan Staehli will be teaching an awesome crafty camp! Contact BBTW for more information at
tuesday, july 27th - thursday, july 29th
 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
                            crafty camp with jan staehli 
There are still a few spots left in this mini-camp.  Projects will include a memories box of natural material, picture frames, recycled items jewelry, games, and nature walks to collect items to use. Bring a lunch. Cost - $30/class or $75.00 for all three.  Ages 6-14.

See you at Good Merchandise soon!


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  1. Great post, AnnaLisa! One little request: the link to my shop (Lisa Baker Designs) is broken. Could you please point it to Thank you so much and I can't wait to see how we did this past month!
    Lisa B