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September 28, 2009

Opening Press Release

Good Merchandise
Store Opening October, 2009

Vashon, WA: AnnaLisa LaFayette, resident of Vashon Island, is proud to announce the opening of her first retail store, Good Merchandise, in the center of downtown Vashon. The store entrance is located behind Duet at 17630 Vashon Highway SW, next to Movie Magic. The store will host a grand opening Thursday, October 29th, 2009 featuring several island artists. Good Merchandise will carry Vashon-crafted art, sundries and crafts and will also include items from within 50 miles of the island.

The store has a unique approach to traditional retail. All of the items to be sold at Good Merchandise will be produced locally. Ms. LaFayette has concern regarding the importing of items into the US, including items shipped into Washington State from other parts of the country. Since her arrival on the island in 2007, she has focused on ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the island. "This store meets an expectation I have always wished for in a retail location but have never been able to find. Now people can shop for practical items and gifts and know they are supporting local commerce, 100 percent. It doesn't make sense anymore to buy everything from China, or California for that matter."

LaFayette, who will also produce several items for the shop, will utilize the unique space for creating items in her spare time and assisting patrons with advice in a variety of subjects including sewing, projects and sustainable living ideas. A small reading library, hot tea and an open sewing machine will all be available during store hours by appointment. Along with selling local wares, Good Merchandise will begin hosting small classes and discussion groups, a weekly book club and movie night.

For more information, please contact AnnaLisa LaFayette at 206-769-8627, or by mail at PO Box 1335, Vashon, WA 98070.

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